A breeder is  a guardian of the breed.  Please answer some questions for us before asking to purchase one of our dogs.

Then please feel free to ask questions of us.

 We do not have any breedings planned until 2013

Puppy questionnaire

1) Do you own or rent your home? If you rent, pls attach a letter from your landlord stating you have permission to have a Chow Chow on the property.

2) Have you ever been owned by a Chow before?

3) Why do you want a Chow Chow ?

4) Do you have a fence? How high ?

5) How active is your lifestyle?

6) Are you prepared for the time commitment to walk this dog EVERY day?

7) Do you currently own any other pets?

8) Are you looking for show potential or pet? ( there is no difference in health )

9) How did you hear about Visionary Chows?

10) Do you currently have a veterinarian? ( A letter from the vet always helps J )


11) Where will the dog live? ( in house/ in dog house/ dog run/etc…)


12) Do you have a gender/color preference?



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