About Chows 


Chows are certainly a breed that attracts attention. They are beautiful, noble, loyal and yes, even regal.

This is a breed that has been traced back as far as the Han dynasty. It has been called the barbarian's dog, the lion dog and the bear dog. They have been used for hunting, caravan guarding,sampan guarding, their fur was used to line their clothing and regrettably, they were a food source. Chows have endured all this, and they are still stable, still beautiful and still not for everyone. 

If you want a frisbee catching, ball chasing, lie at your feet best friend, then the chow is not for you.If it is a devoutly loyal, free thinking, undemanding, neat, proud beauty you are after, then the Chow is for you.

Chows are a stubborn animal and they need a handler who is just as stubborn or they will take leadership in the home. No one likes a moody chow

Chows are also very clean and are generally very easy to house break.  ( please keep in mind that this is an average- not all chows will reflect all of the breed characteristics)


They are also a very misunderstood breed.  Because of their wonderful teddy bear appearance, they often get a lot of strangers going up to them and mussing their hair and hugging them. This is not acceptable to a noble creature like a chow. They really don’t care for anyone but their family fussing over them. Trips to the groomer will be tolerated if started early, but they really would prefer that you do that as well.

Underneath that gorgeous coat is a formidable dog. The chow puppy is an outgoing playful ball of fluff. As they get older, they become more aloof. They become the dog that is described in the breed standard," reserved and discerning with strangers" While this is a wonderful trait, you must socialise your chow from puppyhood to avoid any temperment problems. This dog wants to be with you when you go for a walk, or wherever you may go, so let him come and teach him to enjoy people and children. You'll be glad you did.

Despite reports to the contrary, Chows are good with children- when they are not expected to act like boisterous playmates. Chows assume responsibility for all members of their family and make wonderful guardians for children. They are loyal and devoted to their property and their people.

Chows are very sensitive. They don't like harsh corrections, and really don't need them. Chows will not respect an owner with a heavy hand. Rather a firm voice is all that is needed. They are quick learners and though not "task intelligent" they will learn anything that they want to do. It is up to you to make it interesting. They need to be shown "why"

Chows come in two coat types. Rough and smooth; and in five colors red,cinnamon, cream, blue, & black.





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